Friday, December 16, 2005

Posting from a foreign country

Actually, Im only in sweden, but it can pass for a foreign country I guess.. Well it kind of is, really. It´s not Norway, but at least people understand norwegian. Mostly. so, that helps. Theres a few sweet things about sweden.. the language is really cute, and the people are really awesome. The food is good, and a lot cheaper than norwegian food... and they have these really good porridge thingys, that comes in a little plastic roll, sort of like a sausage. mmm.
So, whats up with me? Well, my parents just got back from california, where they had the time of their life, they ate at a redneck trailerpark place which they thought was so funny and they got to handshake an american cop, which my mom was pretty stoked about. It was kinda cool to see how much fun they had, and you know how you sometimes think of your parents as old and boring. Well, theyre like young people inside, im pretty sure! haha. anyway..
2 days ago alot of my friends got together for Tronds new DVD release, they´re 4 guys and they call themselves ANTI-bikes. But surprisingly they´re not against bikes, they´re pretty dang good at riding them.
we watched the movie, Amulet had a rocking consert and as a sum-up, we had a great time. Maria and myself even got to wear silly little tshirts with the ANTI-symbol on them, and walk around promoting the DVD.
check out the ANTI-bike-site here..
  • click here to get to antibikes site

  • and now Im spending a couple of days in sweden, and keeping my blog up to date while André is at school.
    If Im lazy and dont update my blog... have a very merry Mari Christmas!