Thursday, January 12, 2006

The joy of resembling a celebrity...

Hi, and happy new year, and all that. I think Im starting the year with saying this:
This is going to be a GREAT year. And I wish that for all you people who read my blog too. The exciting part is not knowing whats gonna happen next, who we're going to meet, what new friends we'll make, and even where we'll live. Lovin an exciting life!

I celebrated newyears at Anne's family cabin in Trysil, a great place full of snow. we went snowboarding, good times, it took a little while to get the feeling back like it always does early on in the season, but the last day we finally didn't hesitate at the bigjumps, and had a jolly good time. Phil got majorly trashed in the slopes, and that kind of put a damper on things, but him being ok after a day at the hospital, just made his memory loss kind of funny instead of tragic. haha. (now he's completely fine, by the way)
  • check out the pictures at Marias blog!

  • At the moment Im at school, working on a project for one of my dad's coworkers Its a website, and I'll post the link soon, but it needs to be done first.

    At school today, the guys in 3d found this picture of an actress, Rebecca Gayheart (great name, i bet she never had any name issues) and they all said she was my twin. So. Im posting a picture of her. I sort of disagree about us looking alike, but I dont know, maybe a little. haha