Sunday, March 19, 2006

Picture time

Heres a bunch of pictures from this last month... The berlin class trip, Newcastle school trip, sweden, and Oslo...
Im not going to write a whole load of stuff about the trips, cause it would probably take a while and most likely not be very interesting unless you were there.. so, just enjoy the footage!
The only not-so-fun thing about Berlin is that our extensive walking resulted in a tendon inflammation in my foot. (and yes I know thats probably not the right term) so I cant really walk or run or dance in a couple of weeks. For me, that spells handicapped.

the guys bought matching shiny blue jackets at a thrift store. for some reason...

Aina and Torstein are looking at funny pictures

this is benedicte. she´s funny.

I think they´re saying something, but I dont really know what

Jk, Anders and Eli in the background, entering the Bauhaus building. sweet.

JK taking pictures of the famous tv tower

little Mari (not me) looking cute at a CityStay party

the morning after the party...

real life german junkies

walking around in Berlin. we did ALOT of that.

snowboarding in sweden, and teaching the new guys a thing or two

a weird DJ at a 70s disco club in Newcastle. worth a picture