Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My superstar friends

I had the chance of hanging out with Maria and Anne in Oslo this weekend, and see Maria dance in a real professional dance performance! She was the best dancer there, no doubt, and Im not just saying that because Im her friend! It was a great show! I got to see her school too, and take some pictures of the dancers there. Quite a contrast from shooting pictures of skateboarding 2 days earlier..
I went to Annes school of skin treatment as well, and got a great (not to mention cheap) massage, and my eyebrows fixed. Appearantly I am not very good at shaping eyebrows..
After my little hangout in Oslo I went to Sweden (of course) and chilled with André and his family. Michelle (Andrés little sister) played one of the key parts in the musical "rent", which we all went and watched. I was seriously impressed by the performance these kids delivered, it was awesome! I nearly cried towards the end..
I also figured out how to shoot better stage pictures with my digital camera, so here´s a few from the musical!