Monday, October 30, 2006

A funny thing...

This post will be continued in Norwegian, because it just doesnt make much sense in English..

Vi var på marked i Vänersborg her om dagen, og Anne og jeg fant ut at vi hadde fryktelig lyst på fotballsokker av en eller annen grunn. Så vi gikk til boden til mannen som solgte fotballsokker (sikkert kjempelønnsom business) og gravde gjennom haugen. Kjøpte 3 par, blant annet disse. Det jeg lurer på er hvordan i alle dager disse sokkene havnet i Vänersborg?! Heia Åsane!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

hey girls!

Mmmm...! check those mountains out!!!
So I am going to Bulgaria this winter, with a few friends. As of now it looks like we´re gonna be 9 people, 8 guys and me...
We got a really cheap deal, because Bulgaria is a really cheap place. Bansko appearently has the best mountains and snowboarding in the country.
It would just be awesome if another girl decided to join too! Come on! Can´t get it cheaper than this!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Living in Sweden

I just felt like blogging again. Sweden is good. I havent found a "real" job yet, but I´m trying out the whole freelance designer thing..
It´s working out ok, I have quite a few projects going on.. probably not the best payed ones, but thats fine. Still living off my last Shell payment. haha.
This week I have completely changed my homepage Crowpoint because somehow I deleted my old files...
I have been working with some graphic design for the dance project Skrætsj, a project run by Sigrun and Maria
And.. I started taking dance lessons again.. the course is called advanced Hip Hop. haha. It´s great.
André and I went skateboarding the other day with a couple of friends, David and Maria. They were pretty good, and I realised I really suck.(I mean who gets into skateboarding when theyre 24..) But I learned 2 new tricks, so... heres a picture of me skating ramp. haha.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Leaving for real now...

So here´s the news: I am going to Sweden tomorrow morning. Im driving to Hamar in a station wagon with broken locks, and all my stuff is in the back of it. I cant believe how much things just heap up during the years...
Anyway, I´m starting up my career in Sweden as a freelance Graphic Designer, and hoping that projects will just land in my lap, as they have been doing this far.
Other than that I will need to brush up on my business English skills by finishing up a course I started on a couple years ago.
Besides all that I am planning to apply for schools in canada, and possibly England and Australia for my last year of school.

My new swedish phonenumber is:
+46 735 128 735

My new swedish adress is:

Kilbäcksgatan 40b
45130 Uddevalla

Please send postcards.
And enjoy this movie... (I know it has been out for a while, but it´s just too great!)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

leaving town...

So, time has come to get moving again. I have been living in Bergen for most my life, and have stayed in this appartment for almost 3 years! Crazy really... I´ll be leaving family, friends, work, my whole network. At the moment I have a new furnitured appartment waiting for me in the center of Uddevalla Sweden. All I need is a job. So Im putting together my resumé and all my experiences from all the weird jobs and schools I have done in the past to hopefully get a great job in sweden. Theres a few jobs in Gothenburg that seem interesting and I might just get a job there if everything works out. I mean, the appartment really did. It pretty much went like this. I was riding in Andrés car with a bunch of people, Jochen from Belgium being one of them. I basically just heard him say he wanted to move out of his appartment, but only if someone came knocking on the door asking for it. All I really had to say was "Knock knock!" Later that same day I talked to the house manager and everything was arranged. I´ll be moving by the end of august/early september.
I am really excited and a little nervous about my work situation. I might even be done working at Shell. wow. I mean, you never know. After all I have worked there 7 years, and quit....hmm 3 times I think. But I might not be crawling back this time....
Time will show.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The mysterious Bagnapper

I was skateboarding in the streets downtown the other night/early morning... and for the sake of going down a hill, I placed my bag on the sidewalk by a streetcorner. The next second I´m watching my buddy fly down the street on my board... and within 2 seconds my bag mysteriously VANISHED!! I vaguely remember seeing a drunk dude pass the street corner behind my bag... but anyhow, I turned around, and both the dude and the bag was gone. So me and my friend started running up and down the streets looking for what seemed to be a lost case. After talking to the 3 only people around, except for the one passed out at the bus stop, I decided to call the police and block my credit card and all that, but sadly enough both my house keys and my cell phone was also, of course, in the bag...
And here comes the plot twist.. Im heading back towards the street corner, and I ask the first guy who comes along if he has seen a white bag. He says he has no idea, but there were some stuff in the street a few yards back. I arrive at the corner, and BAM! There it is. The bag is thrown back, for som reason all the zippers are now closed, and not a single object of my belongings are missing. I was stoked! I mean, who steals a bag, then zips it up and returns it?!
And, what did I learn from this experience? DON´T LEAVE YOUR LUGGAGE UNATTENDED!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Heres just some pictures from the surf trip with no surf. I just wanted to post some fun pictures, but my flickr account was full already, so here goes :) As I said, no waves, but hey, why not just surf the beach?!

Thursday, June 08, 2006


As I have mentioned earlier, Mari and I are showing a photo exhibition at Base, everything was finally up and running yesterday, on the day it was supposed to start. Heres a little teaser for the show, and... sorry its written in norwegian, but I dont expect any of you foreigners to come anyway so... :)
Ekstremsportveko at Voss is next in line, June 23 - July 3.
We were also inteviewed by the local newspaper, you can read the article here (if you know norwegian that is...)
ps: just click on the image if you cant read the text!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My superstar friends

I had the chance of hanging out with Maria and Anne in Oslo this weekend, and see Maria dance in a real professional dance performance! She was the best dancer there, no doubt, and Im not just saying that because Im her friend! It was a great show! I got to see her school too, and take some pictures of the dancers there. Quite a contrast from shooting pictures of skateboarding 2 days earlier..
I went to Annes school of skin treatment as well, and got a great (not to mention cheap) massage, and my eyebrows fixed. Appearantly I am not very good at shaping eyebrows..
After my little hangout in Oslo I went to Sweden (of course) and chilled with André and his family. Michelle (Andrés little sister) played one of the key parts in the musical "rent", which we all went and watched. I was seriously impressed by the performance these kids delivered, it was awesome! I nearly cried towards the end..
I also figured out how to shoot better stage pictures with my digital camera, so here´s a few from the musical!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mari x2 travels around Norway

Little Mari and I are working on our final school project, and here´s a picture from our latest shoot in
  • Hemsedal

  • We were running around in the slopes shooting at a contest called
  • Burton Glory Daze
  • The speaker even introduced the two of us as photographers from a Cambodian snowboard magazine, or something... wonder where he got that from...
    anyways, we got some good footage, although we had some minor techincal difficulties, such as ripping one of our films...and wrecking a couple of films from our first snowboard shoot at Myrkdalen.
    I´m not going to post pictures of the riders, since we are saving the goods for our exhibition :) Come see!
    Thanx to BASE boardshop, and
  • Burton
  • we got to meet awesome people and got sweet deals on liftcards and a place to stay for the weekend!
    In a couple of weeks we are going to Stavanger to shoot surfing and possibly skateboarding. This is definately the best and most exciting school project I have ever had!

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006


    means: Easter Break
    Sitting in my apartment at the moment. André is practising playing the guitar. He knows two chords now, and can play "he´s got the whole world in his hands". Great song. It´s pretty great not having school or work for 3 whole days.. haha. But it´s back to Shell tomorrow. At least I get paid extra because of the holidays.
    Hmm, I should post a picture too, pictures are fun. Which one... hmm. Hard to decide. By the way, after the break "little mari" and I (we go by the names little and big mari) are diving back into photography, more specifically, we´re using analogue cameras with black and white film and some pretty cool lenses to shoot skate-snow-surf pictures. Its part of our final school project, and Its a pretty dope thing to do for a project. I mean who gets to go surfing for their final project?! haha. So, for the end of this we´re having 2 exhibitions at a couple of strategic places for the surf-snow-skate crew in the area.. we´re decorating a wall at the local shop
  • BASE boardshop
  • and
  • "Ekstremsportveko"
  • at Voss is the other exhibition location we got. So, we´re pretty psyched about them letting us do this.
    anyway. Wish I had some photage I could post from a skatesession I shot the other day, but it isnt developed yet.. so I´ll do that later. :)
    or... just come to our exhibitions in may. haha.

    Sunday, March 19, 2006

    Picture time

    Heres a bunch of pictures from this last month... The berlin class trip, Newcastle school trip, sweden, and Oslo...
    Im not going to write a whole load of stuff about the trips, cause it would probably take a while and most likely not be very interesting unless you were there.. so, just enjoy the footage!
    The only not-so-fun thing about Berlin is that our extensive walking resulted in a tendon inflammation in my foot. (and yes I know thats probably not the right term) so I cant really walk or run or dance in a couple of weeks. For me, that spells handicapped.

    the guys bought matching shiny blue jackets at a thrift store. for some reason...

    Aina and Torstein are looking at funny pictures

    this is benedicte. she´s funny.

    I think they´re saying something, but I dont really know what

    Jk, Anders and Eli in the background, entering the Bauhaus building. sweet.

    JK taking pictures of the famous tv tower

    little Mari (not me) looking cute at a CityStay party

    the morning after the party...

    real life german junkies

    walking around in Berlin. we did ALOT of that.

    snowboarding in sweden, and teaching the new guys a thing or two

    a weird DJ at a 70s disco club in Newcastle. worth a picture

    Tuesday, February 28, 2006

    Travelling Month

    This month has been really hectict and a lot of fun. At the moment I am in Sweden, during my winter break. Its nice to chill for a while, Ive been working at Shell every single day this last week to make up for all the money Ive been spending lately. One of my work buddies from a few years ago recently was promoted, and is now the boss at one of the gas stations I work at,(yes I work at 2 now)so its been fun working with him again.

    As far as my title goes, here is why this month has been travelling month:
    5 weeks ago- weekend trip to sweden, quality time with André :)
    4 weeks ago- Boat trip to Denmark with shell
    2 weeks ago- Boat trip with my school to Newcastle, England. Gotta love the british!
    Now - Back to sweden, chilling out with André and friends for a week
    Tuesday- Going straight to Berlin, Germany for a class study trip thingy, to visit museums and galleries and such.

    Good thing I love travelling so much.. Except that I am a little short on cash, and my web-project money hasnt come in yet.
    so, thats whats up with me.
    Its been a while since my last post, so I thought I should be updating :)

    and.. isnt this a cute picture!

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    The joy of resembling a celebrity...

    Hi, and happy new year, and all that. I think Im starting the year with saying this:
    This is going to be a GREAT year. And I wish that for all you people who read my blog too. The exciting part is not knowing whats gonna happen next, who we're going to meet, what new friends we'll make, and even where we'll live. Lovin an exciting life!

    I celebrated newyears at Anne's family cabin in Trysil, a great place full of snow. we went snowboarding, good times, it took a little while to get the feeling back like it always does early on in the season, but the last day we finally didn't hesitate at the bigjumps, and had a jolly good time. Phil got majorly trashed in the slopes, and that kind of put a damper on things, but him being ok after a day at the hospital, just made his memory loss kind of funny instead of tragic. haha. (now he's completely fine, by the way)
  • check out the pictures at Marias blog!

  • At the moment Im at school, working on a project for one of my dad's coworkers Its a website, and I'll post the link soon, but it needs to be done first.

    At school today, the guys in 3d found this picture of an actress, Rebecca Gayheart (great name, i bet she never had any name issues) and they all said she was my twin. So. Im posting a picture of her. I sort of disagree about us looking alike, but I dont know, maybe a little. haha