Thursday, July 27, 2006

leaving town...

So, time has come to get moving again. I have been living in Bergen for most my life, and have stayed in this appartment for almost 3 years! Crazy really... I´ll be leaving family, friends, work, my whole network. At the moment I have a new furnitured appartment waiting for me in the center of Uddevalla Sweden. All I need is a job. So Im putting together my resumé and all my experiences from all the weird jobs and schools I have done in the past to hopefully get a great job in sweden. Theres a few jobs in Gothenburg that seem interesting and I might just get a job there if everything works out. I mean, the appartment really did. It pretty much went like this. I was riding in Andrés car with a bunch of people, Jochen from Belgium being one of them. I basically just heard him say he wanted to move out of his appartment, but only if someone came knocking on the door asking for it. All I really had to say was "Knock knock!" Later that same day I talked to the house manager and everything was arranged. I´ll be moving by the end of august/early september.
I am really excited and a little nervous about my work situation. I might even be done working at Shell. wow. I mean, you never know. After all I have worked there 7 years, and quit....hmm 3 times I think. But I might not be crawling back this time....
Time will show.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The mysterious Bagnapper

I was skateboarding in the streets downtown the other night/early morning... and for the sake of going down a hill, I placed my bag on the sidewalk by a streetcorner. The next second I´m watching my buddy fly down the street on my board... and within 2 seconds my bag mysteriously VANISHED!! I vaguely remember seeing a drunk dude pass the street corner behind my bag... but anyhow, I turned around, and both the dude and the bag was gone. So me and my friend started running up and down the streets looking for what seemed to be a lost case. After talking to the 3 only people around, except for the one passed out at the bus stop, I decided to call the police and block my credit card and all that, but sadly enough both my house keys and my cell phone was also, of course, in the bag...
And here comes the plot twist.. Im heading back towards the street corner, and I ask the first guy who comes along if he has seen a white bag. He says he has no idea, but there were some stuff in the street a few yards back. I arrive at the corner, and BAM! There it is. The bag is thrown back, for som reason all the zippers are now closed, and not a single object of my belongings are missing. I was stoked! I mean, who steals a bag, then zips it up and returns it?!
And, what did I learn from this experience? DON´T LEAVE YOUR LUGGAGE UNATTENDED!