Thursday, April 27, 2006

Mari x2 travels around Norway

Little Mari and I are working on our final school project, and here´s a picture from our latest shoot in
  • Hemsedal

  • We were running around in the slopes shooting at a contest called
  • Burton Glory Daze
  • The speaker even introduced the two of us as photographers from a Cambodian snowboard magazine, or something... wonder where he got that from...
    anyways, we got some good footage, although we had some minor techincal difficulties, such as ripping one of our films...and wrecking a couple of films from our first snowboard shoot at Myrkdalen.
    I´m not going to post pictures of the riders, since we are saving the goods for our exhibition :) Come see!
    Thanx to BASE boardshop, and
  • Burton
  • we got to meet awesome people and got sweet deals on liftcards and a place to stay for the weekend!
    In a couple of weeks we are going to Stavanger to shoot surfing and possibly skateboarding. This is definately the best and most exciting school project I have ever had!

    Wednesday, April 12, 2006


    means: Easter Break
    Sitting in my apartment at the moment. André is practising playing the guitar. He knows two chords now, and can play "he´s got the whole world in his hands". Great song. It´s pretty great not having school or work for 3 whole days.. haha. But it´s back to Shell tomorrow. At least I get paid extra because of the holidays.
    Hmm, I should post a picture too, pictures are fun. Which one... hmm. Hard to decide. By the way, after the break "little mari" and I (we go by the names little and big mari) are diving back into photography, more specifically, we´re using analogue cameras with black and white film and some pretty cool lenses to shoot skate-snow-surf pictures. Its part of our final school project, and Its a pretty dope thing to do for a project. I mean who gets to go surfing for their final project?! haha. So, for the end of this we´re having 2 exhibitions at a couple of strategic places for the surf-snow-skate crew in the area.. we´re decorating a wall at the local shop
  • BASE boardshop
  • and
  • "Ekstremsportveko"
  • at Voss is the other exhibition location we got. So, we´re pretty psyched about them letting us do this.
    anyway. Wish I had some photage I could post from a skatesession I shot the other day, but it isnt developed yet.. so I´ll do that later. :)
    or... just come to our exhibitions in may. haha.