Friday, December 16, 2005

Posting from a foreign country

Actually, Im only in sweden, but it can pass for a foreign country I guess.. Well it kind of is, really. It´s not Norway, but at least people understand norwegian. Mostly. so, that helps. Theres a few sweet things about sweden.. the language is really cute, and the people are really awesome. The food is good, and a lot cheaper than norwegian food... and they have these really good porridge thingys, that comes in a little plastic roll, sort of like a sausage. mmm.
So, whats up with me? Well, my parents just got back from california, where they had the time of their life, they ate at a redneck trailerpark place which they thought was so funny and they got to handshake an american cop, which my mom was pretty stoked about. It was kinda cool to see how much fun they had, and you know how you sometimes think of your parents as old and boring. Well, theyre like young people inside, im pretty sure! haha. anyway..
2 days ago alot of my friends got together for Tronds new DVD release, they´re 4 guys and they call themselves ANTI-bikes. But surprisingly they´re not against bikes, they´re pretty dang good at riding them.
we watched the movie, Amulet had a rocking consert and as a sum-up, we had a great time. Maria and myself even got to wear silly little tshirts with the ANTI-symbol on them, and walk around promoting the DVD.
check out the ANTI-bike-site here..
  • click here to get to antibikes site

  • and now Im spending a couple of days in sweden, and keeping my blog up to date while André is at school.
    If Im lazy and dont update my blog... have a very merry Mari Christmas!

    Monday, November 28, 2005

    Renates Hawaii-party!

    Last night I got invited to a Hawaii party, and I was told I didnt have to wear a costume if I I didnt want to, so I went with a pretty mellow, not all out, Hawaii outfit with pants and a shirt. But I realised that was a huge mistake when I got there and everyone was chillin in bikinis and boardshorts. Man, I wish I had a moo moo. Anyway, this girl had a "dance Revolution" playstation game, and that turned out to be great fun, even though some people showed some scepticism.
    After David and Daniel had tried both the "work-out-session" function, and the regular dance-off mode, they decided to invent a new sport: Hand-dancing. (just look at the picture..) haha. Well, it was fun, and after the nights grand dance finale going wild on the chairs, we chilled out maxin, relaxin all cool with the infamous 80s movie North Shore. You gotta love "Turtle". haha.

    Sunday, November 27, 2005

    some recent happenings

    Well, Ive turned 24 since my last post, and I must say, Im starting to feel OLD. But I guess its ok to grow up too. It was pretty awesome to have Hannah here for a week, and we had tons of fun and laughs just hanging out, catching up and talking about old times. Here are a couple of pictures from the days she was here...

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Great names make great chips...

    In Italy this summer, Juls and I discovered some amazing potato chips. The Fonzies. We loved them, and ate a whole bunch. They actually almost taste like cheetos, only better. And next to "Teenagers" on the shelf I just had to take a picture. A pretty random post. But definately worth it...

    another visit from sweden

    My boyfriend came and spent a few days here in bergen. Unfortunately I didnt take any pictures this time, but heres one of him when he was a kid! A really adorable kid too... :)
    This last week I was so stressed out because I had 3 huge school projects due, but today I turned them all in, and I had time to finish them all, even with André around... I guess Ive had to do some major time planning lately, and hey: it worked out! All was done today and I now get to work on a brand new school project, an even huger one this time, but I think its gonna be good. We´ll be working with an organization that helps families and friends of suicide victims. Pretty intense, but I think it will be a great experience.
    Oh, and next week Hannah Adams is coming!

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    Hannah time!

    So, I got a random email from Hannah Adams the other day, saying she was in Germany, and asking me if I wanted to grab a coffee any time. And, since Germany is kind of far far away, I suggested she came to Norway. I didnt really think she would, but hey, guess what?! She is flying in just in time for my birthday! Super awesome!
    We had some great times back in Hawaii! Here are some good old pictures from my Hawaii album...

    Friday, September 30, 2005

    what we do at school...

    Today we learned how to make good portrait shots in a studio. And heres my study group. I just thought the picture was funny, cause we look like some weird band, with all our different styles, kinda like the spice girls, only mixed. You can categorize our looks if you like, but i dont really know what role I fit into... But hey, I'll be the lead singer!
  • By the way, this is a link to my school

  • (Oh yeah, and if you click on the image, it is really huge, cause i didnt take time to shrink it, but you could always use it as a wallpaper... for your living room)

    Wednesday, September 28, 2005

    The Main Crew

    Here´s a picture of my boyfriend. He´d be a great hip hoper, if he tried... This was a fun day, we went hiking in the rain, and we found this barrel along the way.

    Probably the sweetest smile in the world. What can I say... this picture just makes me happy!

    Maria and André came to visit. A great weekend that was! Here's the crew, Daniel holding the Norwegian pride, The Cheese Slicer.

    Lets go to the beach!

    There's this place in Norway called
  • Stranda
  • , which, in English means; The Beach.
    (and yes, for some weird reason, that's the name of the mountain)
    And this is where we go snowboarding every winter. The snow is amazing, theres no people in the slopes and the rides are just heavensent. So, heres a couple of pictures, and if that doesnt make you come to Norway I dont know what will.
    Man, February is so far away...

    Saturday, September 24, 2005

    My work

    This is where I spend about 50 hours of my week... The place where people mingle, talk, play on the slotmachines, get gas or hot dogs, or just leave their children to get free coffee and be watched by us, the faithful employees.
    Six years, and the gas station life is still a pretty huge part of mine.
    When will I ever get a job I really enjoy?
    It has its upsides too, though. I just can´t think of any at this moment. Probably because I just finished an 8 hour shift. I dont think I even had one good laugh today...

    Tuesday, September 20, 2005


    I was in Croatia this summer, visiting Juliana Rosic. She is an awesome girl, and we had a ton of fun. To name a few examples, we accidently appeared in Italy, we were swimming in the streets during an unbelievable rainstorm, and we founded a Barbershop Band. We cruised Venice (including charging through the streets at night to catch our train) and we were interviewed on tv about some random Korean Pop Star! Here are some of our unforgettable moments...

    After surviving the craziest rainstorm I have ever witnessed, our tent was still standing, and we decided to hitchhike to Italy, with Amanda and Jim.

    A picture from verona, Italy, the place were Romeo and Juliet supposedly was from. Even though they never existed...

    I dont know whats up with this pose, but appearantly this is the way I jump off diving boards.

    We went to a museum to see a mummy that some dude picked up in egypt, and then gave to his girlfriend in Zagreb a couple of hundred years ago. Pretty romantic gift I must say...

    My digital camera is waterproof. Its a sweet deal, and Juls is totally pulling off the Im-smiling-under-water-because-this-is-such-a-natural-environment-for-me-to-be-smiling-in-look.

    We had a couple of sunny beach days too. The water was lovely!

    Monday, September 19, 2005


    Ok... so I started up a blog, way back in may. And now I feel time has come to do a bit of picture posting here. and write a little bit about whats going on in my life. But oops, off to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So the updating part will take place later.