Monday, November 28, 2005

Renates Hawaii-party!

Last night I got invited to a Hawaii party, and I was told I didnt have to wear a costume if I I didnt want to, so I went with a pretty mellow, not all out, Hawaii outfit with pants and a shirt. But I realised that was a huge mistake when I got there and everyone was chillin in bikinis and boardshorts. Man, I wish I had a moo moo. Anyway, this girl had a "dance Revolution" playstation game, and that turned out to be great fun, even though some people showed some scepticism.
After David and Daniel had tried both the "work-out-session" function, and the regular dance-off mode, they decided to invent a new sport: Hand-dancing. (just look at the picture..) haha. Well, it was fun, and after the nights grand dance finale going wild on the chairs, we chilled out maxin, relaxin all cool with the infamous 80s movie North Shore. You gotta love "Turtle". haha.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

some recent happenings

Well, Ive turned 24 since my last post, and I must say, Im starting to feel OLD. But I guess its ok to grow up too. It was pretty awesome to have Hannah here for a week, and we had tons of fun and laughs just hanging out, catching up and talking about old times. Here are a couple of pictures from the days she was here...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Great names make great chips...

In Italy this summer, Juls and I discovered some amazing potato chips. The Fonzies. We loved them, and ate a whole bunch. They actually almost taste like cheetos, only better. And next to "Teenagers" on the shelf I just had to take a picture. A pretty random post. But definately worth it...

another visit from sweden

My boyfriend came and spent a few days here in bergen. Unfortunately I didnt take any pictures this time, but heres one of him when he was a kid! A really adorable kid too... :)
This last week I was so stressed out because I had 3 huge school projects due, but today I turned them all in, and I had time to finish them all, even with André around... I guess Ive had to do some major time planning lately, and hey: it worked out! All was done today and I now get to work on a brand new school project, an even huger one this time, but I think its gonna be good. We´ll be working with an organization that helps families and friends of suicide victims. Pretty intense, but I think it will be a great experience.
Oh, and next week Hannah Adams is coming!