Thursday, July 27, 2006

leaving town...

So, time has come to get moving again. I have been living in Bergen for most my life, and have stayed in this appartment for almost 3 years! Crazy really... I´ll be leaving family, friends, work, my whole network. At the moment I have a new furnitured appartment waiting for me in the center of Uddevalla Sweden. All I need is a job. So Im putting together my resumé and all my experiences from all the weird jobs and schools I have done in the past to hopefully get a great job in sweden. Theres a few jobs in Gothenburg that seem interesting and I might just get a job there if everything works out. I mean, the appartment really did. It pretty much went like this. I was riding in Andrés car with a bunch of people, Jochen from Belgium being one of them. I basically just heard him say he wanted to move out of his appartment, but only if someone came knocking on the door asking for it. All I really had to say was "Knock knock!" Later that same day I talked to the house manager and everything was arranged. I´ll be moving by the end of august/early september.
I am really excited and a little nervous about my work situation. I might even be done working at Shell. wow. I mean, you never know. After all I have worked there 7 years, and quit....hmm 3 times I think. But I might not be crawling back this time....
Time will show.

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Renate said...

Mari du bedåre!!!

Ehmm... ved nærmere ettertanke kan det jo hende at vi faktisk treffes oftere om du flytter så langt bort..?! Det skal jo ikkje så fryktelig masse til.. Trist men sant!
Jeg er veldig glad i deg Mari!! ..og skulle ønske vi hadde sett hverandre oftere! Håper du får det bra der borte, og eg lover å komme på besøk!! ..og så veit du jo at du ALLTID er velkommen til Bergen!! :)
(hadde vært gøy å sett deg før du reiser..)