Friday, September 22, 2006

Living in Sweden

I just felt like blogging again. Sweden is good. I havent found a "real" job yet, but I´m trying out the whole freelance designer thing..
It´s working out ok, I have quite a few projects going on.. probably not the best payed ones, but thats fine. Still living off my last Shell payment. haha.
This week I have completely changed my homepage Crowpoint because somehow I deleted my old files...
I have been working with some graphic design for the dance project Skrætsj, a project run by Sigrun and Maria
And.. I started taking dance lessons again.. the course is called advanced Hip Hop. haha. It´s great.
André and I went skateboarding the other day with a couple of friends, David and Maria. They were pretty good, and I realised I really suck.(I mean who gets into skateboarding when theyre 24..) But I learned 2 new tricks, so... heres a picture of me skating ramp. haha.


Benedikte said...

digg med deg i svergie. Kanskje eg kjem på besøk, så kan eg henge med deg og dei hippe svenskene. pluss du kan tipse meg om kor det er billigast bacon

~ Maria ~ said...

ser jo nesten ut som du skater jo;-) jeeeeh..

Mari Kråkenes said...

jeg gjør jo det :P