Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Leaving for real now...

So here´s the news: I am going to Sweden tomorrow morning. Im driving to Hamar in a station wagon with broken locks, and all my stuff is in the back of it. I cant believe how much things just heap up during the years...
Anyway, I´m starting up my career in Sweden as a freelance Graphic Designer, and hoping that projects will just land in my lap, as they have been doing this far.
Other than that I will need to brush up on my business English skills by finishing up a course I started on a couple years ago.
Besides all that I am planning to apply for schools in canada, and possibly England and Australia for my last year of school.

My new swedish phonenumber is:
+46 735 128 735

My new swedish adress is:

Kilbäcksgatan 40b
45130 Uddevalla

Please send postcards.
And enjoy this movie... (I know it has been out for a while, but it´s just too great!)

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sarah said...

hei mari, i was just checking out your site. thats so great that you are moving and i wish you the best! i liked browsing your photos n videos n stuff. you have so much potential and im really really excited for you! many blessings as you live out what youve been studying for. i hope your dreams come true and that you enjoy life. i miss you and hope awesome things for you in hard and good. its cool to see where friends go in life over the years. jeg er glad i deg Mari! klems, sarah